Pothead – Jointification (2015)

Pothead are a bunch of a masked crusaders from Prague (Praha!), Czech Republic, who play down-tuned death metal / goregrind infused with the wondrous sounds of hip hop and also a bit of techno. It all seems a bit ridiculous, and quite frankly it is. On the first initial listen it sounds a bit like GUT jamming with Ahumado Granujo at a Cypress Hill gig (I know, right). I caught these guys live recently, and their get-up kinda reminds me of something that would be signed to Psychopathic Records, and it made me wonder if Pothead are down with the clown, so to speak.

I’m not sure if I prefer the hip hop parts or the death metal parts more. I do think though as the record goes on it definitely gets better; the start is a bit shaky but everything gets a bit more solid as things get into a stride and the record progresses. I guess there is gonna be a whole bunch of people out there who will not like this, or even get angry at this being in any way shape or form labelled as grindcore or death metal, but those people are absolutely no fun, so fuck them.

The band have very cleverly offered this for streaming themselves, with a few extra vocal bars thrown in about buying the record (unless these bars appear on the actual album too? Haha), so you can stream it from the band’s official channel, or if you really dig this shit, you can get a copy from here. 4/20 blaze it etc. etc. etc.