Black Sun – Twilight Of The Gods (2010)

Black Sun are (or possibly were) a three piece from Scotland. I think (from lending CDs off the Doomfinder General) that they pretty much started out as a one man industrial/noise project before evolving into a full band. They self-released a bunch of stuff before this final full length dropped on Future Noise and Head Of Crom. Twilight Of The Gods is a solid album through and through. The best way I can quickly describe it off the top of my head is to imagine Swans and Iron Monkey having a fight in a methadone clinic. Oh, and Oxbow is there as well, just because.

The record bursts into life with “Code Black”, re-recorded from the 7″ split with They Are Cowards, quickly followed by the excellent “Terminal Velocity”. “Gethsemane” is a perfect example of one of the album’s gut-wrenching crawlers. “Black Angel” (possibly a nod towards Death In June with that title?) and “Warhead” remain two of my favourite songs ever.

I’m not entirely sure what became of Black Sun, but leaving us with this record seems like a pretty good way to go out.