Phyllomedusa / Toad Birth – Split CD (2015)

Phyllomedusa’s blasting, burping and croaking froquencies have quickly become a firm favourite here at camp Lines In Wax over the last few months. It’s kinda hard to define Phyllomedusa’s sounds but after listening to a lot of it I’ve noticed a pattern emerging – you can divide the majority of the sounds presented into four categories; ambient / field recordings, gorenoise and/or goregrind, more traditional harsh noise and finally, err, doom metal.

Their part of this split though (entitled The Munz Grove Incident), after what seems like a never-ending intro dialogue, bursts into bubbling vats of screeching, hateful power electronics style noise, with plenty of grim, horrifying bestial vocals. I’m not entirely sure what happened at Munz Grove, but it sounds fucking terrifying, and I’m kinda glad that I wasn’t there.

Toad Birth is another project by the same frog (lol) that created Phyllomedusa. Honestly, this could be another Phyllo release, but Toad Birth’s stuff is a bit more lo-fi.