Cloud Rat / Orgullo Primitivo – Split 7″ (2014)

I’ve already declared my undying love for Cloud Rat, so with the risk of crawling too far up their arse set very high, I will keep the summary of their contribution to this split 7″ as brief as possible: Fucking. Perfect. Ha! I love everything about this band and their progressive / weird take on the grindcore template. If you’ve not already heard them, please please please check them out.

Orgullo Primitivo are completely new to me. The whole thing starts off with overlapping artsy fartsy spoken word which builds subtly and then just drops off into this nightmare-as-a-lullaby chiming sound. And then the drumming starts….Wow. After some tribal drumming and creepy bad acid trip vocals, Orgullo Primitivo pummels you with some insane drums-and-vocals-only grindcore. I’ve never heard anything quite like before, for better or worse.