Rectal Smegma – Keep On Smiling (2009)

Keep On Smiling is one of my favourite goregrind albums ever. It falls into the dancing/groovy/beer-soaked/happy goregrind camp (that also may or may not empower you to dress as a monkey or a banana) rather than the gore-soaked/nasty/primitive/worryingly-graphic goregrind camp. It’s hard to do a lot of description about groovy goregrind because once you know what it is, you know what you want to expect and you listen and love it (or hate it) and that’s that. Where Rectal Smegma stand out though is with the totally exceptional pitchshifted vocal technique. At first it just sounds like a pitchshifter, but give it a few minutes….bam! So awesome!

Featuring such ditties as “Happy Cock”, “Psycho Pudding”, “Fat Grannies Are Cool” and “Hitler Only Had One Ball”, The Smegma boast the ridiculous European party vibe to the absolute max. Top that off with some frankly hilarious artwork and your onto a goregrind classic. Give it a whirl.