Wail Of Sirens – Final Demands (2015)

Wail Of Sirens play dark, metallic hardcore with an artistic flair, giving this EP a Converge-meets-Discharge vibe, which as you are more than likely aware is not a bad thing at all. It seems Wail Of Sirens are a fairly new band because I can’t find absolutely any information about them online (but then again, I’m an idiot) but that to me is even more of a reason to check these guys out and give them a chance.

Final Demands is only 4 songs long, and with half of them not reaching the two minute mark, it doesn’t give you much to go on but it’s a cheeky debut and seems to get the point across fairly well. Actually, the length of these tracks would fit perfectly on a 7″ record (hint hint haha). But no, physically, Tired Of Life Records have put this EP out as a tape release, but you can also stream it for free from the group’s Bandcamp page (check the player below!).