Agathocles – Fascination Of Mutilation (1990)

There’s a whole ton of crap Agathocles out there so it’s always enormously refreshing to come across the band’s absolute golden material, especially on the 7″ format. With the full lengths you kinda know where you are, but it is so easy to get lost in the group’s endless reams of releases. Fascination Of Mutilation was a flexi released in 1990 on Rigid Records, so it’s an early one in the band’s life. General rule of thumb is – early Agathocles can’t go far wrong. In my opinion, at least.

Fascination Of Mutilation is super short at only 5 minutes in length (being only on one side of a flexi, not like the fancy two sided flexis we get these days) but contains so many awesome recordings of Agathocles classics that its ironic quality-over-quantity approach more than makes up for it. “Threshold To Senility”, “Gorgonized Dorks” and “Lay Off Me’ all go down as well as the first beer at a summer festival. Cannot fault it.