Horsebastard – Giraffetermath (2014)

Horsebastard are a grindcore band from up’t’north of England. Well, I’m in South Wales so they are pretty fucking far north to me, at least. The hilariously titled Giraffetermath is the band’s first release since their Equestrian Blastcore CDr demo, which I also have lying around here somewhere or other. This second EP is also a massive step up in recording quality, and looks fucking cool as fuck on a 10″ record rather than on a CDr. I’m not against CDrs obviously, but this vinyl looks sweet as.

Ontae the music! Blastcore is definitely a word I would associate with the racket created by Horsebastard. The drums are an endless barrage of blasting insanity, complimented by razor sharp guitars and a seriously deranged vocal attack. My only complaint about this release is that it’s only 14 tracks long – I want more of this shit!

Long live the Horsebastard!