C.A.R.N.E. – The Taste Of Latex (2004)

February 10, 2015
C.A.R.N.E. – The Taste Of Latex (2004)

C.A.R.N.E. are a porno-influenced groovy grindcore band from the lubed-up lower bowels of Mexico. The Taste Of Latex, despite splits with Oxidised Razor and Fucksaw, is the band’s only full length release to date. Although dirgy as fuck, it is a really groovy album loaded with tupa tupa rhythms and slow, sludgy pornogrind. The vocals are the only let down; when not croaking and spluttering through the genre-defining pitchshifter muck, they are replaced by a slightly lacklustre farmyard of sound effects, which is a bit of a shame but a given in this genre!

But who could deny such classics as “Monster Dicks” and “Command Garcez 6ick 6ick 6ick” (whatever the hell that means)? I know I can’t deny them their ridiculous porno groove. It just is what it is; you either love it or hate it. I for one, love it. Just don’t take it so seriously – not the like the slam dudes of the s00per br00tal death metal elite, at least porngrind or pornogrind (whatever) pretty much begs you not to take it seriously.

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