Auerbach – She’s Worth It (2013)

Auerbach is one of a gazillion projects by Merthyr Tydfilian / Aberdare-ian (yeah, I can make up my own words now) Kristian Cole. I sit next to this cunt most days in work placement so I might come across a bit biased as I review one of his creations, but I say with all the honesty in my blackened heart that this is a seriously harsh aural assault of the senses. He goes by many names and guises, but I believe that Auerbach is one of the original aliases he came up with. She’s Worth It is a puzzling, perhaps worrying exercise in harsh noise; ear-splitting distortion meets feral soundscapes and brooding noise collages. 

Definitely one for the more seasoned noise aficionado, She’s Worth It may reduce less experienced noise mongers down to nothing more than a bubbling pile of mysterious goo that may or may not look like semen with acid in it. Yeah.