Lord Gore – Resickened (2004)

Now here’s a band I don’t listen to enough. Lord Gore are (or were) (2020 edit: are) a goregrind-tinged death metal band from the US of A. I can never remember where I got this album from but it’s a corker. The first thing you’ll most likely notice about Lord Gore is the extremely watery and disgusting vocals; a welcome break from the endless cookie monsterisms of the death metal genre. Despite their bowel-churning watery goodness, the band pride themselves on the natural authenticity of their vocals. So sayeth the linear notes: “Vocals may contain GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms), and MFG (Monosodium Glutamate), but contain no pitch shifter, modulators, slicer, or harmonizers”. I’m all for pitchshifters myself but props to the vocalist Gurge for these insane sounds!

Lord Gore’s music combines the downtuned blast of goregrind with the pace, production and playing styles of musicians steeped in a death metal background. Their use of samples is surprisingly sparse for a band of this nature, but extremely effective. Everything here is a step up from the (also excellent) debut album The Autophagous Orgy, from the production to the quality and consistency of the tracks, right down to the album art (which is fucking brilliant by the way). Again, just like the debut, this was put out on Razorback Records in 2004, and makes me feel really, really old.