Main – Motion Pool (1994)

November 10, 2014
Main – Motion Pool (1994)

Main is a band that was formed by two members of Loop, including Robert Hampson who was also in Godflesh for a little bit (he played on the Pure album). Main, to me, appears to be some sort of experimental industrial-tinged ambient project that places heavily effected guitar work into a world of noises and other creepy atmospheres. (2021 edit: G C Green of Godflesh also plays on this particular album)

And that, essentially, is what Motion Pool is all about. It’s a great, minimal listen for chilling the day away with something a little different. In one sitting it can be a bit hard to differentiate when one track ends and other begins, but then again, I am an idiot, so that’s probably not a fact. You can get this in a digipak CD or even a pretty fancy triple LP package, but a lot of Main stuff is now available on Spotify (oh revered bringer of music!) so you’ve got no excuse; have a go!

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