Merzbow – Sphere (2005)

Look, Sphere is one of my favourite Merzbow releases. Granted, I have in no way shape or form heard them all, but of the ones that I have heard, Sphere is high up there among the best. The three Sphere tracks are pulsing, blooping, bleeping harsh displays of spherical madness. I’m not entirely sure why the tracks were even broken up in the first place, but hey – what do I know. My favourite though is the final track – “Untitled for Vasteras” (which itself is a title – LOLbow) – which is a nigh-on-30-minute disasterpiece of tinnitus-inducing proportions.

Can’t really say much more than that about a harsh noise release in a literally fucking endless discography of one project. Long live Merzbow, of course, but for once I am at a loss for words. Enter the sphere! *que Crystal Maze-style music*.