Dead Infection / Parracide – Split 7″ (2014)

September 12, 2014
Dead Infection / Parracide – Split 7″ (2014)

Maaan the newer Dead Infection stuff just gets randomer and randomer (I know that’s not a word, but whatever). This particular EP, as you can no-doubt see, features a cat that looks like Adolf Hitler. I’m not sure what the particular meaning is behind all of this surreal stuff, and I don’t really care as long as the tunes are good. Dead Infection have a lot to live up to with every new release, but they have so far managed not to disappoint. The songs on this split are of the chunky, brutal grindcore stock that we have come to know and love from present-day Dead Infection. My favourite is probably “Subduction” with it’s super-tight blasting and cracking riffage.

This is my first experience with Parricide, but I love what I hear. The drumming is fucking unbelievable, I’ll give them that. The production on their stuff is a lot more polished than Dead Infection, and it’s kinda obvious that the drums are triggered but I guess that works for them, not to mention it sounds brutal as fuck so who can argue? Not me, let me fucking tell you! 

This was released this year on the excellent Selfmadegod Records, on both black and clear wax. 

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