P.L.F. / Nashgul – Split EP (2012)

January 6, 2014
P.L.F. / Nashgul – Split EP (2012)

While most grind leans towards hardcore and hardcore punk, some of it leans more into the death metal and thrash territory. P.L.F., on this release at least (to date, the only thing I’ve heard by them), play some chuggy, metal-heavy grindcore. The production is huge, the drums sound amazing, and the vocals are low and rumbly like the good ol’ death metal stock. The riffs though, are much more thrashy, yet retain that nasty, venomous edge that is required for the grindcore style.

There are like a hundred bands called Nashgul, or some variety of that spelling. I remember seeing some crappy black metal band with this name up in Leeds a few years ago, but that’s another story. I prefer Nashgul’s stuff here over P.L.F. (that’s not a diss at them, though, their shit is great too!); I just prefer the over-all sound here, although it is a close one. Thrown into the vicious grind mix, Nashgul also bring some moments that aren’t a million miles away from some d-beat vibes, and this mixes things up greatly. It sounds fucking amazing.

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