Satan’s Revenge On Mankind – Goreblast (2006)

This was one of my first proper tastes of goregrind. I’d discovered the genre online, but this was one of the first records I actually owned, so it holds a special place in my heart (hahaha). Goreblast is an absolute festering mess of piccolo snares, shifted vokills and all the fuzz in Germany (or is that Goremany?). Imagine Putrefaction In Progress-era LDOH but slowed down to a doom metal pace and with actual song structure. Throw in a couple of cheekily punky numbers and a myriad of weirdly blasphemous themes (not a usual staple of the goregrind genre, I’ll be honest) and you’ve got Satan’s Revenge On Mankind. The tray card reads “Satan’s Revenge On Mankind is anti-vegetarian and pro-atom”. That pretty much says it all really. On the inner by the disc is the slogan “Satan, Gore & Meat”. That fucking NEEDS to be put on a t-shirt.

Opener “Vaticandestruction” is a sprawling wreck of a band warming up to disturbing samples, before said band burst into a hat-trick of SxRxOxMx classics; “We Come To Eat You” followed by “Gorevolution” and “Hyperbrutal Splattersatan”. Some tracks fall into the comedic theme of something altogether more Anal Cunt (“I Hate Music”, “I Hate Nature” and “Jesus Loves You Because He’s Gay” as examples), whilst others spin off into something else entirely (“Invoking The Glorious Sado-Nuclear Extermination Of The Christian Plague” and “Infernal Christ Corpse Hacking Butcher Command On Behalf Of The Great Eternal Master Of Hell’s Purifying Fire” anyone?). My personal favourite however is “Angels Taste Like Chicken”. Groovy!

Throw in a bunch of awfully fantastic artwork and silly musician names and you have the recipe for the greatest goregrind in the universe. This was one of the first CDs that Rotten Roll did, and along with the Splatter Whore debut record, that label was off to a fucking flying start back in ’06/7. So if you’re into goregrind and are yet to hear the delights that The Almighty Mr. Goreblast and his band of heathen swine invoke, now is the time!