Agathocles – Mincer (2006)

This is one of my favourite things so far in my never-ending adventure into the discography of Belgium’s Agathocles. I’ve seen it about for years, probably since it’s release, but have just never got around to buying it. I finally picked it up (dirt cheap) at some stall at Obscene Extreme festival in the Czech Republic. I don’t think the stall had a name but it was a gazebo being shared by two guys selling different records. One of them was the vocalist from Entrails Massacre, I remember that much.

If you are familiar with Agathocles then you already know what to expect from a full length such as this; fast and to-the-point “mince”core with gut-addling bass and shrieked or yelped vocals, dusted off with the odd helping of pitch-shifted lows to complete the grinding cocktail! Opening track “Dethrone The Tyrant” is an Agathocles instant classic, and even spawned an EP of the same name. “Yuppie Career Freak” and “Diary Of White Trash” are two more examples of Agathocles at their blasting brilliance, as are the title track “Mincer” and the hilarious “Pricks At Gigs”. “Goredom – Boredom” again shows the band’s endless disdain for goregrind, porngrind and the related imagery and lyrical themes present therein.

My copy is a fantastic deep transparent blue, which is great because I was expecting it to be black for some reason or other. This was released on Power It Up in Germany in 200? and is still really easy to find, so get a copy already!