2 Minuta Dreka / Anal Massaker – Split 7″ (2007)

I’ve been meaning to finish my 2 Minuta Dreka collection off for a while, so I was well happy when I caught this in Sete Star Sept’s distro at OEF. Now I’m one step further to my goal! 2 Minuta Dreka have some great songs here; “Fecal Raptus” is off the full length I know, but it’s cool to own it on 7″ as well as it’s such a good song. I’m not sure if it is the exact same recording as the album version, but it’s very similar. Besides, the other tracks aren’t on the full length so all is well and good. Also, bonus points for hilarious artwork!

I couldn’t get into Anal Massaker on the first listen. The grind is all good, but I found the vocals to be a bit lacklustre, although eventually they grew on me and now I have another grindcore/noisecore band that I want to hunt down a discography for! Cool / not cool at the same time! I love the warm and fuzzy sound the band has here, it’s just great. What the fascination is with Sesame Street characters is though, I’m not quite sure. Sesamegrind?

Anyways this was put out as a collaboration between Nihulus and Raw Noise, and is limited to 500 copies, of which I have number 161. Tops!