Schnauzer / Punching Moses – Split 7″ (2009)

August 20, 2013
Schnauzer / Punching Moses – Split 7″ (2009)

Since my first Schnauzer post on here a short while ago I have realized that I don’t own anything else by the band and I have gone about picking up some more of their stuff. This here is their split with Punching Moses, which I got off the guy from Last Days of Humanity’s distro stall on the Cemetery Rapist UK tour last year (I forget his name – D’oh!). This split is a collaboration effort between Rescued From Life RecordsShifty RecordsGive Praise Records and Haunted Hotel.

Punching Moses are quite punky in their approach to metal; the sound is warm and well put together and the tunes are pretty awesome. They have this whole “we are physco” thing going on with the very colourful sleeve art and the inners which are written on psychiatric report papers. Schnauzer are fucking livid as usual, the first track “Facts of Life” is typical Schnauzer hilarity, although track 2 is with a different vocalist and sounds a lot thrashier. I don’t really understand the concept with their third track but it’s just some audio of some guy arguing with his girlfriend. On the sleeve art it reads: “An attempt to record a third track was made, but was subsequently cut short by a nagging girlfriend”, so there’s obviously a running joke here.

Both the purple and regular black versions are still available dirt cheap – the black is currently selling for under £2 on the Discogs website. Although, I will say this is definitely for enthusiastic fans only.

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