Agathocles – Semtex 10 (2010)

Semtex 10 is a blast-happy, bombastic, fairly recent 3 song EP by unstoppable Belgian grindcore (sorry, mincecore) brigade Agathocles. As it contains more than just 4 different versions of “Trust? Not Me” it is totally worth picking up! As far as I can tell the songs seem to be original, which is what I’m all about. My only gripe is that there is no tracklisting or info whatsoever anywhere on the release. If you bought this at a gig or whilst browsing a distro you wouldn’t even know what it’s fucking called because there isn’t even a title on this thing. Smart move, Sunship Records.

Anyway, I’m not here to judge people for their choice of included information, I’m here to listen to Agathocles, bitches. “Detonating Nitroglycerin” is a very typical but extremely enjoyable AGx track, but the title track is all kinds of weird. “Dormant Cell” on side B seems to strangely and surrealistically mix the previous two tracks together into a new concoction.