Jig-Ai – Jig-Ai (2006)

May 30, 2013
Jig-Ai – Jig-Ai (2006)

Jig-Ai play goregrind; pulsating, menacing, phat as fuck, groovy goregrind. Oh boy! The overall production is heavy and fairly downtuned but sprightly enough to not get bogged down. The vocals are an endless mix of styles, defaulting unusually on pig squeals (not entirely typical of goregrind, one must point out) but also throwing in a whole spectrum of weird noises in too. It’s like farmyard grindcore here!

This album was out for four years on CD before Grind System Music came along and pressed the bastard on vinyl. Bloody good show, old bean(s)! I picked this up off the Earache stall at Bloodstock 2010 (AKA Rainfest 6000), which was a nice find, as at the time I didn’t know a vinyl version of this album existed. All that’s left now is for someone to press Jig-Ai’s excellent follow-up album Katana Orgy on vinyl as well.

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