Bizarre – Hannicap Circus (2005)

In my many years of D12 / Eminem fandom it never occurred to me that other members of the group might have solo projects. After giving myself the ultimate facepalm, I began hunting down those records. I started with Bizarre, who is by far my favourite member of D12. He’s like the Frankie Boyle of rap music. A lot of rappers say shit that gets them shot; Bizarre is so offensive he goes beyond that and just confuses everyone so much that they don’t know whether to laugh at him or pop a cap in his ass. (I mean this all in good humour guys…rappers please don’t shoot me!)

Despite it’s rather inviting title, Hannicap Circus is as nowhere near as offensive as I thought it would be. Sure, the underlying themes of worshipping ganja, taking pills, raping down syndrome girls and having HIV remain, but as a whole Hannicap Circus really didn’t offend me. It seems to open up a bit harsh, but then it falls into all the usual ruts and themes of a solo rap record. There the song (or six) about weed, a song about fucking, about love, about someone close who has died, a parody (“Today Was A Bad Day”, which is much better than the original-opposite Ice Cube idea) and one or two bangers to finish off with. There is even a song about missing his kids on tour, which for all the arse-rape and sexual innuendo that usually comes with Bizarre, is downright worrying.

To be fair, this is a good hip hop CD. I just know that Bizarre can do a whole lot better than telling me how fat and disgusting his bitch’s ass is. Step it up a level, man!