Redlight District Part I: The Black Edition – Torture Border / Kaelteeinbruch – Split CDr (2012)

This is the first CDr in the ongoing noise collection called “Redlight District” on Germany’s Shit Noise Records. This is the only one so far I have seen that does not have a colour assigned to it (well, it’s called the “black” edition, but still, black technically isn’t a colour, and if the images were tainted black, surely they wouldn’t be visible?). Limited to 50 hand numbered copies on CDr.

Torture Border open things up with a rumbling, bassy hum that eventually gives way to what sounds like distorted suffering. Screams, yelps, pleads and whining come forth in glorious stereo, all overlapping and mangled underneath the humming, droning noise. Kaelteeinbruch, who appears as the second band on every single volume of the Redlight series, cuts in with a much harsher sound, which initially has me turning my car stereo down. Holy fuck I nearly crashed listening to this!