Dehydrated Tissues / Latexxx Command / Menstrual Fistfuck – Split CDr (2013)

When I got this through the door the other day it took me right back to the thick of the good ol’ trading days! Gotta love these insane underground goregrind compilations and splits, there really is nothing like them anywhere else in the music world. As with most Dehydrated Tissues releases, this has been put out on the band’s own label Regurgitated Stoma Stew Productions, who deal in a plethora of absolutely fucking filthy goregrind, porngrind and noisecore. Well worth a look in!

Dehydrated Tissues take their Rompeprop-worship to a whole new level here, even mimicking Romperop’s hilarious intro tracks with the song “IntroIntroLOL”. Tracks like “Colon Pogo” and “I Am The Vaginal Cheese Inspector!!!” absolutely reek of Dutch polka goodness, and this can only be a good thing – there really is nothing quite like shaking your tail feather to some groovy-porno-gore-grind! It is the only music I can legitimately dance to (I’m not joking – you should have seen me at a Venetian Snares gig. Can anyone say “square”?).

Latexxx Command are just as great, but bring more of that dirty South American porno vibe, rather than wading through gore. Sure, it sounds virtually the same as Dehydrated Tissues give or take some production values, guitar tone and degree of phaser effect on the pitch-shifter, but for me the definition between porngrind and goregrind is entirely the vibe you get from the music. It is easy to go ahead and categorise bands into each genre, but so many successfully cross over so seamlessly that to an outsider it could look like there is no difference at all. Menstrual Fistfuck is a project by the same mind behind Latexxx Command and for this reason I think it sounds very similar to the latter, although it does shake it up a bit here and there.