Redlight District Part IV: The Purple Edition – Painburn / Kaelteeinbruch – Split CDr (2012)

This is Volume 4 in the ongoing and extremely extensive noise series entitled “Redlight District” by German record label Shit Noise Records, who really do have a does-what-it-says-on-the-tin attitude. Each release is identifiable by a new colour, and number 4 (or is that IV) is purple. Limited, as always with this series, to 50 hand numbered copies.

Painburn open the disc with what seems like a harsh noise-meets-instrument experimentation. Underneath the garbled layers of hell are what seems to be like fuzzy tones breaking through, like a guitar or bass mangled beyond belief. This may or may not be the case, but that’s what it sounds like. Other than that, the harsh sounds go on to produce ethereal highs, an ever-present echo develops over the higher frequencies, and brings to mind a church doused in audible flame. Sassy.

Kaelteeinbruch is back yet again with more dissonant, metallic sounds laced with endless distortion and pornographic samples. It sounds like something is being hit, maybe metal sheeting or something large and cylindrical. Whatever it is, it’s drenched to fuck in distortion and played back at maximum volume, with all the whining and moaning you could ever want or need.