Zeke – Tour 7″

September 27, 2012
Zeke – Tour 7″

I never know what to make of Zeke. I picked this 7″ up purely because it was so cheap on Relapse a few years ago. I picture this band to be great live. I envision it as fast sludge. It is like rock’n’roll and hardcore punk mixed into a sludgy southern feel. There are a lot of traditional influences here, and it even sounds like something altogether more Black Label Society in parts. Hmm. Puzzling. This is pure rock and / or roll, so I’ll just shut the fuck up and let you enjoy the tunes! Bang your head and drink some fuckin’ whiskey, boy! 

What I have here is the standard black pressing, limited to 1000 copies. A further 900 exist on transparent gold (looks orange more than anything) and the usual Relapse 100 on clear. Although this is out of print, it can still be picked up very cheap online, especially the standard black which is averaging around £3 on Discogs right now. 

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