Mixomatosis – Grind (2009)

As with the other Mixomatosis 7″ I have, I have come to the conclusion that they seem desperate to squeeze as little as they can onto a record and call it an EP. Saying that, this is by far my favourite Mixomatosis minute or two; obscene goregrind obviously digitally remixed (shifted drums) melds awkwardly with (probably copyrighted) full orchestra music, before falling away and returning with more flanger-drenched horribleness. This is more noisecore than I ever thought Mixomatosis could get, which is rather ironic considering this basic package is called Grind.

Another thing I don’t get: it’s fucking one-sided. I hate blank one-sided records! What a fucking waste! If you are gonna go blank, fucking etch something on there! Otherwise split with another band for fuck sake. What a waste of money. We are even spared the luxury of a sleeve and tracklist, just brilliant red vinyl and a shitty little piece of card. Good tunes, but not worth my money, let alone the time, effort and investment in pressing this in the first place.