Dub War – Mental (1994)

May 18, 2012
Dub War – Mental (1994)

Before there was Skindred there was Dub War. I was always attracted to this band because of their awesome name. A war of dub? Sounds like my kind of party. Unfortunately I found Dub War a bit wet, not too shabby but very disappointing considering what I built them up to be in my head. My love for them sadly does not extend any further than this cheeky little single pressed by Earache (when they went off the fuckin’ dial with signing weird shit) in 1994 on CD, 7″ and 12″. This here is the 7″. The CD and 12″ both contain more remixes and a separate b-side track, whilst this 7″ only contains the title track and one boring remix that doesn’t actually sound that much different.

Anyhow, die hard fans of Skindred should enjoy Dub War, and I’m sure they probably do. The song “Mental” is just that, Benji shouting a chorus of (i think) “absolutely mental!” over and over in a Welsh accent is very very amusing. That’s about it. The rap is pretty awesome too. You can currently get one of these for ┬ú1 on Discogs, so if you like odd shit, get in.

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