Embalming Theatre / Intumescence – Split 7″ (2005)

What I like about getting another Embalming Theatre split is that you can see what weird and wonderful art Mr. Gemmet has come up with time. This under-rated Swiss genius seems to squeeze out any pretentiousness from his surrealism before bashing it headways in full colour into the morbid, the sick, and the downright unusual. This rather colourful 7″ sleeve features a very angry looking guy with wires in his mouth. These wires are subsequently, for some reason, hooked up to a vagina. Very well then.

Intumescence on the other side have actually named their EP very nicely. “Eyes Clotted with Dreams” isn’t the type of reflective or insightful name you would usually expect from noisy, messy goregrind such as this, but I do sometimes like to be suprised. Musically, Embalming Theatre bring their usual plodding gargle’n’growl horror story grind recipe that works so well; maniacally swaying back and forth between low and high snare sounds, which is annoying at first until you realise actually how awesome it is. Intumescence almost come on to start like a muddy as fuck sludge band, before launching into a garbled, noisy assault of the senses. If you like horrible, noisy goregrind then you will like Intumescence.

This pressing is a lovely dark blood red; transparent yet thick enough to hold its own in the colour stakes. 100 copies exist, and I am proud to own one. The other 300 copies of this in existence are on black. The whole thing was released by the now sadly defunct Murder the World Records. This isn’t my favourite Embalming Theatre split 7″ but it is still pretty awesome.

I was born to murder the world!