Anal Cunt – Stayin’ Alive (1994)

October 4, 2011
Anal Cunt – Stayin’ Alive (1994)

This is Anal Cunt’s 7″ single for “Stayin’ Alive” (yes, a Bee Gee’s cover song!) that was put out on Earache Records just before the release of “Top 40 Hits” in 1994. All copies are a transparent, almost marbled orange colour.

Musically this is a pointless 7″, making it totally a collector’s item only. All tracks are on the Top 40 Hits album, except “Schnauf”, which is a parody cover of “Shout” by Tears For Fears (also sung by Cher Lloyd these days, for those who don’t know who the fuck Tears For Fears are). The cover song is done in typical Anal Cunt “bonus track” style, with no music, and it’s totally pointless. The back cover advertises the 7″ to have this exclusive extra track, when really it’s a load of shit and a cheap promotional tactic.

It’s fetching quite a bit at the moment, around £20 a copy which is a lot higher than when I bought it. I ended up with two of these at one point due to a fucked up order from a Discogs seller, and only one of them included the AxCx logo patch. I’m not sure if a patch was limited to certain copies or if the patch was lost from the copy I had.

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