Anal Cunt / Meat Shits – Split 7″ (1991)

This is “Another” split EP between early Anal Cunt and the slightly infamous Meat Shits. The version I have was put out in black wax on Seth Putnam’s own label, Wicked Sick Records, back in 1991. As with the 88 Song EP, Fudgeworthy Records have re-released this rare AxCx 7″ in 1996 on blue and clear pressings.

Musically, it’s a typical old school noisecore Anal Cunt up against the horrible noisecore/goregrind crossover mess that is Meat Shits. Crazy to see how many members Meat Shits had on this recording, considering it’s basic horrible noise. Robert Deathrage has to be equally the stupidest / most awesome front-man name in metal, ever.

The original pressings of this on Seth’s label are quite rare, nothing super inaccessible but copies are averaging £20 or higher on Discogs at the moment. I would go as far as say this is definitely a completist’s item as far as Anal Cunt’s musical input is concerned.