Burzum (Ildjarn) – Svarte Dauen (2003)

May 24, 2024

I have absolutely zero fucking idea what I have here, but it does not match the tracklist for any of the versions of Svarte Dauen that I can find online, from any country or release year. Yet, apparently, what I have is a version of Svarte Duaen, released as a 10″ EP. (sigh) – as if the world of Burzum bootlegs wasn’t confusing enough.

“My Key to the Purgatory” and “Rite of the Cleansure” are track names that appear on the Burzum Reh 1 demo from 1991, but what I’ve got here I’m pretty sure is more Ildjarn stuff passed off as Burzum. The final track on this thing (on my version and on the ones I can find online), is “Seven Harmonies Of Unknown Truth”, which is 100% an Ildjarn track, which hilariously found its way onto an “official” Burzum compilation pressed by Back On Black. What a fucking joke.

This is a fun listen of lo-fi black metal and spacey synths. I;’m just pretty sure 75%+ of it is not even Burzum.

I have this EP bundled into the Den Store Samlingen CD and the tracklist is completely different:

1. Channeling the Power of Souls into a New God
2. My Key to the Purgatory
3. Rite of the Cleansure
4. Seven Harmonies of the Unknow Truth

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