Nyctophobic – War Criminal Views (1996)

March 30, 2024

This is one of those records which I have put off writing about for years and years. I think I could go as far as to say that this is a cult classic of the whole grindcore genre; once you’ve explored the recommended gems, and start to go off the beaten path, Nyctophobic’s first full length should be somewhere on your list of albums to check out. It’s easy to miss, and therefore it is a true underground gem, but it is well worth your time. The production reminds me of early 90s Brutal Truth or Agathocles, also in musical terms too these acts can be compared, more so the latter in regards to the use of blasting grind and pitchshifted vocals, and more to the former in regards to slowing down for a sick death metal riff or employing manic shrieks over the top of the aural carnage. Samples are used frequently but only to punctuate the main musical bulk and also to act as intros to some tracks. The decision to close on a sample of a news report signing off and then several minutes of static is an interesting one but after the litany of atrocities that Nyctophobic have displayed for us in the last 40 minutes it does feel like a fitting end. To recap: extremely good and well worth tracking down.

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