Fukpig – 3 (2012)

March 24, 2024

I was 22 when this came out. I was a vinyl-buying devotee of Devizes Records, and the very minute it was possible to do so, I ordered the 3 album on 12”. Spewings… was OK, but Belief… was fucking savage, and having seen the band live a few times I was now as pumped as I could be for the next Fukpig installment. 3 came and it was just… there. I can’t really remember thinking it was awful but I do remember a bit of a backlash to it sounding like arse. The band were also not happy with 3, and rereleased it in a corrected form as The World Is Weakening soon after. The trouble is, listening back now, I don’t even know what the fucking problem was. I’m not sure if the version online has been remastered or what, but 3 sounds huge. Listening to it is like asking AI to paint a picture of what it would look like to drown in a vat of HM2 distortion. I don’t know what the point of this little story was, but rest assured 3 is well worth your time. 

The digital version of 3 comes with a bunch of demos tacked on. I’ve already heard Depths Of Humanity and Bombs Of War, but sandwiched in between these two sessions are a few that I’ve never heard before. They sound far more modern than the latter, with the buzzsaw HM2 style guitar leading the way. The drums on this session are fucking fantastic; so fast, so tight. Excellent blasts. The whole session kinda sounds like Benediction but on steroids.

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