Immortal – Northern Chaos Gods (2018)

March 7, 2024
Immortal – Northern Chaos Gods (2018)

Ahhhhhhhhh fucking hell lads Demonaz is back! Can you feel the shred!!!!!

Northern Chaos Gods bolts out the gate with the title track, swarming at you like some bastard lovechild of both 90s Immortal and 2000s Immortal. At first I was unsure how I felt about Abbath’s exclusion from this release, but Demonaz and Horgh (and Mr. Tagtgren of course) have really pulled out the stops here. There are some cool callbacks here like “Gates to Blashyrkh”, but the whole thing flows beautifully and is actually pretty relentless, to be honest. The only song I’m personally unsure on is the closing track “Mighty Ravendark” which seems a bit overly long in comparison to the others.

All in all though, this is a step up compared to All Shall Fall, and I’m glad to see some sonic carnage back in the Immortal sound.

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