Mortician – Domain Of Death (2001)

March 4, 2024
Mortician – Domain Of Death (2001)

Got this thing turned all the way up on my stereo to hear that gut-rattling meatgrinder bass beneath the drums and riffs, but every time the vocals come in, they fart out of the speakers at such a low frequency that it nearly rattles the poor speakers onto the floor! Why the vocals are mixed so incredibly high in the bass range I am not sure, but one assumes it must have something to do with all the elements of the mix fighting for space in the same kinda range of sounds. Because, well, let’s not beat around the bush here, Mortician is a pretty heavy fecking band. There is a certain no-frills element to the hacksaw death metal.

One thing I am thankful for on Domain Of Death is the samples are a bit shorter than usual. I’m not gonna be that guy who comes to review a Mortician record and then complain about the length of the samples (what a fucking poser-ass thing to do, eh?), but let’s just say I was more impressed with the restraint shown here, allowing the samples to be sick little garnishes to the main event, rather than a full side dish in of themselves.

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