Absurd / Pantheon – Split CD (2002)

February 17, 2024
Absurd / Pantheon – Split CD (2002)

The art for this thing is so absurd (lol), I want it blown up to 3m x 3m in size and have it mounted (oo er) on my wall, so I can admire every glistening muscle in high fidelity. Music-wise, Absurd’s production seems a bit thin on the ground (with the exception of the ever-excellent vocals) and I could have sworn that I have heard some of these songs before? Feel like I’m getting into an Agathocles-esque loop here, but alas.

Pantheon hits a bit harder, at least on the first impression, especially with a drummer who has ants in his pants and cannot keep still. This is all well and good for the first track or so but then starts to wear thin fairly quickly. There’s a lot going on with Pantheon’s music, but sometimes everything struggles to stay attached to the framework provided. Messy.

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