Acid King – Busse Woods (1999)

February 16, 2024
Acid King – Busse Woods (1999)

Fam, these woods be straight bussin’, fr fr. Damn this shit crunchy as hell, though. It’s like the band has been to my local Chinese takeaway to sample the giant spring rolls. Then they took one of those things, no doubt all cold and soggy by the time they got it back to the studio and said, “we want this, but in guitar tone”. Like that terrible barber meme, recording engineer Billy Anderson said, “I got you, say no more”, and thus(se) Busse Woods was born.

Props need to go to vocalist / guitarist Lori S, who soars over the heavy swamps of Acid King’s music. It really is a beautiful combination, and one that works so incredibly well. I’m fully aware that Acid King are not an unique band when it comes to this sort of thing, but they certainly pull it off incredibly well.

Them bussy woods got me ackin up for real.

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