Gate Master – Relics (2023)

Gate Master knocks it out of the park once more with the follow up to In Pursuit Of Forbidden Knowledge. I love the black metal here, easily some of my favourite dissonant, barely audible stuff (haha). It sounds like I’m joking but this thing is absolutely dripping in atmopshere. The “dungeon synth” style pieces that punctuate the record also help serve to this function, before closer “My Journey To The Stars” goes off to oblivion. Unsure if it is a coincidence in titling or a homage to Burzum, but the song title is the same here as on the Burzum self-titled. Mortiis also has “Towards The Gate Of Stars”, which is kinda applicable here but now I’m just rambling so best to wrap this up.

TLDR: This is class.