Discharge – Massacre Divine (1991)

October 8, 2023
Discharge – Massacre Divine (1991)

Uhhhhhhh OK, then. So. Off the bat, this isn’t anywhere near as bad as Grave New World. In fact, it is, on a sliding scale, probably quite a bit better. The general style of “funk” / groove metal (think the more “fun” end of thrash meeting Faith No More and Helmet style stuff) is a massive improvement on the Motley Crue shite they tried to do on Grave New World. At least you can make it through to the end of this thing without ending up looking like one of those folks out of Event Horizon.

Massacre Divine is however, still incredibly bland and monotonous. Even as an example of the style of metal that it plays, it is beyond sub par. Get in the bin.

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