Iselder – Metel Du Gwir Cymreig (2022)

September 25, 2023
Iselder – Metel Du Gwir Cymreig (2022)

With an intro speech that is no doubt going to fire up any self-respecting Welshman (I almost went out into the garden and raised a flag myself, I won’t lie to you), it is hard to not be disappointed when the first track “I’r Gad” first pops in through the speakers. The sound is flat, compressed, artificial and well… an antithesis to anything that I would associate with black metal and its production styles.

Despite this, a lot of the riffs here are pretty fucking cool, even if the execution is a bit silly (“Cont”, anyone?). After the demos and EPs, I perhaps expected a bit more from an Iselder full length that what we get here.

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