Haemorrhage – Anatomical Inferno (1998)

September 25, 2023
Haemorrhage – Anatomical Inferno (1998)

A Haemorrhage record is always going to be a good time, if you are a goregrind fan (or just a Carcass fan and don’t mind a bit of “worship”). These guys (and gal) have been plugging away for years and Anatomical Inferno is their third album. I have the Brazilian reissue in my hands. Now, being from the UK, I can’t remember for the life of me where or how I got a hold of this particular version, but there we go LOL

The album is a solid chunk of goregrind mixed less with death metal I guess and more with elements of punk and hardcore. This gives the proceedings their own unique sway, whilst being also rather true to the blueprints set down to which Haemorrhage operate entirely. The production on this thing is a bit loud / overblown, which is made even more obvious when there’s a few demo versions of songs tacked onto the end of the Brazilian pressing. These demos are a little dryer, and the drums are more natural sounding, but for the most part, I think I prefer these to the album versions.

Throw in a cover of “Police Bastard” by Doom (also exclusive to this version) and you’ve got a winner. Tidy darts.

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