Graveland – The Celtic Winter (1994/1996)

August 24, 2023
Graveland – The Celtic Winter (1994/1996)

I have been perhaps less than flattering when describing the earlier works of Graveland, but I was convinced to give them another go when I was told that Celtic Winter was peak second wave black metal. I have to admit, that I somewhat agree with my friend who told me this. Celtic Winter is head and shoulders above any of the other earlier Graveland records, which are either mired with shit production, shit synthesisers, shit art, and shit drumming. I have a high threshold for shit black metal, but early Graveland is just pure shit. Except Celtic Winter, of course – this is worth a listen or six.

I’m not really sure why this thing has 37 different intros (never thought Graveland and Insane Clown Posse would have anything in common but this is like the black metal version of Carnival Of Carnage – just get to the damn point for fuck sake), but when it gets going the riffs are razor sharp and devastating. The drumming, is admittedly, still pretty fucking rubbish but is servicable for the duration. Vocally, the echoic screeches akin to second wave classics are also present here.

Also, being a Celt myself, I can attest that a Celtic Winter sounds cool, but in reality it isn’t all that impressive in the grand scheme of things. I think that sums this album up perfectly, to be honest.

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