Daft Punk – Discovery (2001)

July 9, 2023
Daft Punk – Discovery (2001)

I’m not an expert on this kind of music so it’s hard to find the right words to describe it. In these cases I tend to just leave the review but I find myself coming back to Daft Punk over and over so I have to give it a go.

It is also hard for me to not view this album through the lense of nostalgia. I was a kid when “One More Time” dropped, and whilst I didn’t really understand the style of music, I loved the music video and I loved how the plot of the video continued over the following singles. “Aerodynamic” is one of the first songs that got me into guitar music.

Admittedly I do fall off towards the end of the album. I don’t think Discovery is perfect, but it is pretty fucking impressive in general. The final track, “Too Long”, sums up my feelings towards the final third of this project, to be honest, but I do find myself spinning Discovery a lot when I’m working; when I need to be in the zone for an hour or so.

Oh, and “Crescendolls” is far catchy than it deserves to be. The first time I heard it I was irritated by the melody but now it just gets stuck in my head for days at a time.

Either way, with the ups and downs, Discovery has gotta be a solid 4/5 from me.

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