Aborym – Generator (2006)

May 1, 2023
Aborym – Generator (2006)

I was quite the fan of With No Human Intervention in my teenage years, but I never really gelled all that well with the later Aborym stuff. Generator is far from a bad album, and it certainly seems unfair to rank it lower than a 3.5/5 or something like that. However, the more polished elements here just have me pining for the harsh industrail coldness of the previous record.

I will commend Aborym for their jumbled pile of ideas and styles that they try to address on this record, most of which work rather well in isolation, to be fair. There would be hints of the direction the band would take later in their career on Generator too, and of course the edgy sampling of old (Hitler on their Twin Peaks album, for example) continues here, with our man Charlie Manson providing some narrative samples to set the tone.

All in all, Generator is a decent slab of industrial black metal, but with the “industrial” element reigned back in a little. If you’re OK with that, then you should get along just fine with this.

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