Voivod – Negatron (1995)

April 17, 2023
Voivod – Negatron (1995)

Since I discovered this album about ten years ago, there has been a war raging inside my head: is this the greatest album cover of all time or the absolute worst album cover of all time? Honestly, like, what the fuck? Hahahah

As for the sound, I rather enjoyed the 90s industrial-influenced incarnation of Voivod. The new influences don’t overtake the sound, except for moments here or there (closer “DNA” being the biggest culprit, and sounds hideously dated now). Some of the wailing guitars and gruff vocals recall the work of Justin Broadrick, and I am more than OK with this.

For real though, this isn’t going to win any awards, but it fuckin’ slaps.

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