Lifelover – Konkurs (2008)

April 11, 2023
Lifelover – Konkurs (2008)

I enjoy Lifelover, more often than not, but there is something about Konkurs which really just is a swing and a miss in my eyes. The damp, miserable semi-acoustic DSBM that we love from the Pulver days is still here in spades (they haven’t quite got to the full-on, full-band fuzzy sound yet), but the vocal deliveries, whilst they have always been a bit fruity, here they fall just a little onto the wrong side of irritating.

What I can’t argue with however is the fact that this band is still harrowing and unique even when performing some of their less-favourable material. It’s just you can go earlier or later in these guys’ career and get better stuff both ways.

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