John Harrison – Creepshow OST (1982)

March 1, 2023
John Harrison – Creepshow OST (1982)

Admittedly, at the time of writing I’ve not actually seen Creepshow. However, through a combination of Waxworks releases being really awesome to look at, and John Harrison doing the blinder of an OST for Day Of The Dead, I ended up checking this out anyway. If anything, it’ll be a sweet little primer for when I finally do get around to watching the film.

I was going to say that perhaps this isn’t as iconic as the Day Of The Dead tunage, but I realised immediately its perhaps my bias is speaking having not seen Creepshow itself, and not being able to tie emotionally this music to any events or lief motifs, as it were. So, for the purpose of this entry, I’ll just say I really enjoyed this soundtrack. Nice one, John.

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