Luc Ferrari ‎– Und So Weiter / Music Promenade (1969)

February 26, 2023
Luc Ferrari ‎– Und So Weiter / Music Promenade (1969)

So there’s a little story to this. At the end of “Gravedancer” on Pig Destroyer’s epic Terrifyer record, there is a minute or so of bizarre, troubling dialogue between what seems to be several people. The main core of the audio is of a man and a woman arguing. The argument seems to get quite heated, and the woman screams out several times, as if being attacked or thrown about. They also seem to both be drunk, and talking as if they are part of a Shakespearean play, with the way they use language. Today I found out, after decades of wondering, that this is actually a sample lifted directly from Luc Ferrari’s “Music Promenande” piece. Immediately I hunted it down online and pressed play.

And then opened the world of Luc Ferrari. So this is a view from a complete outsider. The argument I mention above is but a small fraction what is going on in this thing. There’s all sorts of sounds and collages mashed together, I guess this is musique concrete or whatever it’s called – its basically just field recordings assembled into a strange sequence of aural experiences. At times it sounds grandiose, with horns and drums, and other times it loses all form and structure, like in the argument mentioned above. Side A, which hosts “Und So Weiter”, is a bit more musical, if I could be so bold as to use the term, and reminds me of a John Zorn-grade piano breakdown. The poor piano here is taking a battering.

This is firmly in the art / avant garde realms and I do not claim to understand anything that I have heard here, but I’m glad I finally found out the source of that really strange sample.

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