Graveland – Following The Voice Of Blood (1997)

February 16, 2023
Graveland – Following The Voice Of Blood (1997)

My brief journey into NSBM comes to an end with Graveland’s third album. Seemingly more just a bit of a sketchy pillock than a genuinely frightening criminal, Rob Darken and cronies are an easy gateway I would say, into the seedier side of black metal.

Whilst I found Graveland appallingly bad in the first instance, the second record improved on their sound and the third is actually genuinely good and worth listening to. It’s a strange one, with a very atypical production sound. The bass guitar leads the songs, and the drums are all over the fucking place, but in a charming way, if nothing else.

Honestly, I feel kinda bad that I’ve wasted this much time on a band that is sketchy but I did so the rules are I listened to it so it goes here on the site.

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